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From: Mark Wolf
Subject: The Halloween TreePlease send comments to pdxwolfyahoo.comDisclaimer: The following story contains graphic
sexual language and actions between adult males. If
material of this nature offends you, PLEASE do not
read any further. Please note that you must be of
legal age, where you live, to read this story. This is
a work of fiction and any similarity between real
people or events is purely coincidental.The TreeI stumbled out into the backyard, hoping the night air
would somehow sober me up for the drive home. I
didn't plan to drink this much. I never plan to drink
this much. Yet each time I get myself around my best
friend russian pre schoolgirls
Steve, I end up plastered out of my mind. The
cold wind slapped me in the face as I walked into the
yard. I continued walking out into the wooded area
behind the house seeking shelter from the stinging
cold. I sat down next to a large oak looking back at
my friends house.The Halloween party was going strong and, with the
exception of myself, everyone was having a great time.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck" I said to myself cursing my
inability to be honest with all my straight friends.
I've been gay and in the closet since junior high
school. Sports and parties, such as this one,
substituting for my real needs. Next year, I will be
heading off to college with Steve entering an
apprenticeship at the local metal works. A russian boylove
smart guy
just not good with books.I saw Steve's form fill the sliding glass door. russians sex girls God,
he was good looking. A fullback on our high school
football team, he was the definition of jock. His big
frame was packed russian leatherbabes with muscles from hours of practice
and weight lifting. As much as I drooled over his
body, it was his winning boyish smile that melted my
heart. We could talk for house about anything, except
what really matter most to me. I wanted him, bad.The cold was slowly clearing my head but I still
wasn't ready to return to the house. Being around
Steve all night had given me a raging hard-on and my
balls needed to be emptied. I needed to get a nut or
the whole house would see my wood the rest of the
night. I pulled the zipper to my fly providing an
escape for my stiff seven inch cock. russian boylove The cold wind
couldn't penetrate the heat radiating from my blood
pumped shaft. I wrapped my russian kids porn cold fingers around my
thick meat stroking it slowly as I watched Steve from
a far.I came to my feet standing just next to the giant oak.
My aching cock throbbed under the familiar jerk as I
spit in my hand to ease the nude russian gallerie
friction . Steve now had
his back to the door. His hard round Levi covered
butt pressed firmly against the glass. My cock
bounced with excitement as the object of my lust came
into full view. In my excitement, I lost my footing.
I grabbed a hold of the tree to keep me from falling.
My naked groin smacked up against the bark causing
pain, ten russian free porn forcing me to yell out "Cocksucker!"The moment I said that word, the roughness of wood
against my dick was replaced with the soft wet warmth
of a indescribable tongue. I jumped back looking down
at the bark. A mouth had formed level with my budding
erection. A tongue protruded from the brown lips
searching for the cock that was suddenly pulled away.
I rubbed my eyes wondering just how drunk was I? I
looked down again seeing the tongue wagging in
anticipation of my cock flesh. My curiosity and
extreme russian nudists boys pics horniness, pushed my groin back towards the
strange tree. My cock slid past the soft lips as the
tongue licked and swirled around the shaft of my hard
aching dick.I wrapped my arms around the trunk forcing my cock as
deep as possible into this stranger wonderful mouth.
The exquisite sucking applied to my shaft had me
moaning loudly into the mysterious bark. My impending
orgasm was fast coming to a climax as I lustfully
humped the marvelous tree mouth. russian lollitas Waves and waves of
erotic sensations engulfed my cock flesh riding up
through my loins to spread across my entire body. The
hot moist cavity was too much as I yelled out "Oh,
yeah!" emptying my hefty load of cum into the trunk of
a tree.The tree trunk drank my cock juice gulping around my
dick as I shot. The feeling was intense like being
deep throated by someone ptsc russian
who didn't need to breath.
As the sucking tree pulled the last few drops of
erotic fluid from hot russian thongs my balls, I slowly pulled my cock
from the magnificent orifice not wanting the
sensations to end. I looked down to see my dick
licked sparkling clean and the strange mouth gone.I put my manhood back in russian photo gallery girl my pants zipping it safely
inside. I looked down again, totally sober now,
seeing only bark encircling the trunk of this mighty
oak. I headed back to the house dumbfounded. Steve
saw me in the backyard and ran out to meet me halfway.
"Where the fuck have you been?" he asked shaking my
shoulder. I looked up into his eyes not able to say a
word. "Man, you are wasted!" he said wrapping his big
strong arm around me. We headed back to the house,
Steve whispering "Dude, you better stay here for the
night. You can bunk with me." I nodded, smiling to
myself, wondering what other magical things would be
happening this night.
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